Celebrating The Life Of Dave Mirra

On February 4th 2016 the Action Sports world lost a living legend. Dave Mirra changed the way BMX was perceived with 24 X Games medals with 14 of them being Gold, this was in a time that Action Sports was being put on the Main Stage. He left the sport the best and continued to accomplish things the common sole can’t even comprehend after his retirement. He was not only a BMX legend but a triathlete, race car driver, boxer, TV host, but most of all a loving Father and Husband.

 When we asked Randy Lawrence why did you feel the need to put this event on he said

“Hopefully people get something out of it. I want to put a positive feel out on what Dave really did for action sports. Not just BMX. Today was just a day that worked for us to do it. No special reason. Dave to me was an inspiration to push myself. Seeing someone push and accomplish so much made me want to push my limits. Not just metaphorically but specifically riding BMX. I was working as a mechanic but still riding BMX when I could. He kept me pushing my limits even when I couldn't ride much”

 So that’s what Randy did! He rally’d the Southern California BMX community for a celebration of life for Dave Mirra. Randy took an unfinished compound with the help of a few local heads and in a weeks’ time had a working half pipe, pump track, foam pimp and dirt jumps. Brags Design’s spent countless hours on a mural, and there was one of Dave’s Gold Haro’s on Display and to top it off Demoltion parts donated pedals and gold paint so all the rider could ride like Dave on Gold pedals.

 This wasn’t a day to raise money, plug your sponsors or pat someone on the back but to pay respect and celebrate a Mans life. Around 12pm on Sunday an old dirt field in Menifee CA became dusty and packed with riders and families of all ages. The likes of Larry Edgar, Nathan Sykes, Steven Murray, Matt Ortwein, Rick Thorne, Michael Mosiman and many other heavy hitters blended into the crowd doing what we could only guess Mirra would want them to do. Just love riding your bike.

 We will miss you Dave Mirra but we will not let your legacy fade away. Thanks to all who were involved at today’s event and other great charities, celebrations of life across the world that honor Dave and his family.


 Best Regards,

 The LKI Family

 Photography – LKI Content.