A new country every fortnight | James Windsor

Pic: Matty Mulholland
LKI’s multi-time World Cable Wake Champion James Windsor has been at it again, screaming around the globe chasing the warm days and summer rays, while competing at the biggest cable wake events on the planet.
Windsor stopped by the LKI HQ while back in Australia preparing for the World Titles in the Phillipines in six weeks time, so we took the opportunity to find out what’s been happening.


Mate, it’s pretty weird to see you here in the middle of winter. What’s been happening?

[laughs] Yeah I’m definitely not used to it! This is the first winter I’ve experienced in about five years, so I thought I better get a new winter wardrobe. I’m living up in Mackay at the moment where it’s still pretty warm, but I’m back in South East Queensland for a week catching up with family and friends and helping my sister with her new house in Toowoomba. It’s good to be back home.


Pic: Alliance Wake

We’ve been keeping tabs on what you’ve been up to, but you better give us a bit of a run-down of what you’ve done the past four months.

Well I left Australia in April, and have been to eight countries since then, starting and finishing in the US. The first event was probably the gnarliest and the best park of the whole trip. It was the Valdosta Yardsale in Georgia. It’s not a contest, but an invitation event where the 20 best riders jam and hang for three days while they film it all. The whole course layout is amazing and they work hard to think of different features for us to ride, pushing the boundaries of the sport. Most parks you go to, you think “I’ve got this” straight away, but Valdosta is set up just for the pros so it’s on a whole new level and you’re always second-guessing yourself.

Sounds insane. From there you went to FISE, yeah?

Yep. I went to France and they had a whole new course set up there, which was awesome. The set-up was really good, although it was a bit cold. I ended up getting second there, which I was pretty stoked on.

After France I went to Germany and did a bunch of filming at a lot of different parks, then competed at the Langenfeld Open, where I got fourth. That was another sick event.

Pic: Jacob Vinall

Nice one. Where did you head next?

I went back to France for some more filming and hanging, then rode the Montpellier round of FISE, but did some crashing there and didn’t make the final. Then it was on to Italy where I rode Wake To Paradise; I made the finals there, but crashed, so that wasn’t the best.


After that I went to Barcelona for two weeks of filming and I had a ball there riding and exploring. It was my first time there and I just fell in love with the weather, the people and the whole vibe there. It’s definitely become my favourite place in Europe.

Then it was on to Geneva for the Cablewake International Open at the start of July, where I won the Best Trick comp and was second in the main event.

Nice one. Man, you’ve had a hectic schedule then. Was it back to the US after that?

Almost! I went to Plastic Playground in the UK in and got fifth there. There was like 150 riders there and I got knocked out in the semis. From there I flew back to the US for a week to film and ride before coming home. I think I visited 20 cities in eight countries in four months.

That’s crazy. And now you’re prepping for the World Titles in the Philippines. Are you excited for that?

Definitely – I can’t wait. I’m training as hard as I can now so I can go all-out for the win. It’s a bit colder than what I’m used to, but I have a personal trainer and a gym hooks me up really well. I’m really focusing on my core and cardio to get as fit as possible for it.

I’ve won the Worlds three times but missed it last year for my sister’s wedding. But I really enjoy the park there; it’s got to be one of the best parks in the world and they put so much time and effort into making an amazing course.

Awesome, mate. Well best of luck for the prep, and we look forward to seeing you smash it at the Worlds in six weeks time.


 Pic: @the_bricks