At Home Workout with Personal Trainer Koko Kerdel

Brisbane based PT and adventure lover Koko Kerdel has a different use for her Penny Board putting it to great use in her At Home Workout.

3 sets of 15 for each
- Ab roll outs
- Lunge sliders
- Hamstring roll outs
- Board burpees
- Squat jump over board
- Push up w/ knee to board


Abdominal roll outs
Begin kneeling with hands on board, engage core as you roll the board away from your body and lower hips towards the floor.

Lunge sliders
Place one foot on board, perform lunge with opposite leg. As you lunge, slide the board away from your body.

Hamstring roll outs
Laying on back feet on board, hips high. Without dropping the hips, extend legs until straight.

Board burpees
Starting in push up position with hands on board, jump feet in close to board, stand up tall, press board about head.

Squat jump over board
Perform squat, jump up and over the board landing into a squat, then repeat the starting side.

Push up w/ knees to chest
Begin in push up position with feet on board, perform push up, at the top of the rep bring knees to chest.