The most epic day | LKI Blob Party

Wow. Our LKI Blob Party was just epic.

From super-yachts and air-bag jumps to skydivers and jet-packs, LKI’s inaugural Blob Party had it all, as we brought in 60 influencers, brand advocates and staff for an epic afternoon behind Wavebreak Island.

Maybe just watch the vid first - it does a much better job of describing what went down...

Among those who attended the party were former NRL stars Ben Hannant, Willie Mason and Chris Walker world cable wakeboard champion James Windsor, BMX Olympian Bodi Turner, Hollywood stunt motorcycle rider Jack Field, skydiving legends BJ Johnson and Locklan Gilbert, and a host of other leaders in their chosen professions.

“The aim of the day was to showcase LKI’s “Live Your Lifestyle” vision, create an event that’s never been done in Australia before and just have a good, fun time,” says LKI director and founder Jason Daniel, who created the event alongside Adam Wildman from Wildness.

“For me, the highlight of the day was to just see all the pieces of the puzzle come together exactly as we’d planned, and to see everyone having such a great time enjoying the sun, water, and of course, the blob.”

The blob is a large airbag imported from the US. A person sits on one end, while someone jumps onto the other end (in this case, off the top of the Crystal Blue Yacht Charters beautiful 80ft super-yacht), catapulting the first person into the air and landing in the water.

Gold Coast Skydives provided a helicopter and skydive crew for two of our advocates, BJ Johnson and Locklan Gilbert, 1800JetPack brought along their jet-pack, Monster Energy provided beverages and Summer Wildness captured all the craziness for us.

But you know what the best part is? Now that we own the blob the sky’s the limit and we’ll be making the most of it. We're already hatching plans for an Australia Day event and will find any excuse to drag it out over summer. Stay tuned...!

All photos (except BJ Johnson POV pic): Matt Kirby