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Wednesday at LKI HQ

Posted on May 16 2018

Hump Day Snack:

What’s a better way to celebrate hump day than with donuts?

Here at LKI we’d like to think we are the donut specialists. We have a combined experience of 200+ years in donut experiences, so we definitely know what’s good. When we recieved a box of donut goodness from the team at ‘Minus32’, our donut senses started to tingle as just by looking at the deliciousness on show we new they were going to be good.

Upon tasting the flavour, the sweetness, the aroma, the moistness, all the factors of a good donut was coming together. Everyones last bite was a hard good bye from the most tasty donut we had all tasted. Once we all had finished, suddenly a fight erupted over the last two bundles of joy.

The referee jumped in and decided to slice them up into an even 16 pieces (Based on group donut eating rules). As donut specialists, if these donuts were human we’d rate them 10/10. Think of your dream guy/girl and that’s these donuts.

Just like to thank ‘Minus 32’ for the best donut experience we have ever encountered.

Make sure you go and check them out!

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