Behind The Brand

Behind The Brand | Dylan Osborne

Behind The Brand | Dylan Osborne

If you’re going to do it, do it right.

This is the ethos of our Head of Design, Dylan Osborne, one he lives by and passes on to his team through everyday tasks as well as the monumental collections and releases - it all comes down to quality.


Dylan has been a part of the LSKD Crew from the early days; he lives and breathes for what we are building & inspires the community to chase the vibe.

Grinding through the day-to-day challenges & achievements with the growing team, Dylan is working on the new wave of sports and streetwear, breaking the boundaries with technical features and new environmentally sustainable findings from fabrics to packaging to bring everything we do in line with our Project Earth initiative.

Have a watch to learn more about Dylan and why he’s an irreplaceable component of the LSKD Crew.