A crew of exceptional individuals that inspire others to #chasethevibe through sport and fitness.

We are stoked to be working and growing alongside these weapons who constantly push themselves toward the pinnacle of performance and beyond. The LSKD Athlete Team is unique in that it exists primarily to aid in the personal and professional development of athletes that align with our values and mission; to inspire others to chase the vibe.

This program supports the athlete in achieving THEIR goals not ours: From financial support to prepare for and compete in events to hook ups with PR or photoshoots it’s all about supporting THEIR journey. After all an athlete needs to be focussed on performing at their peak.

Many challenges arise on this journey, developing a brand as an athlete is one of the hardest to overcome. Yet this is how they must attract the attention needed to open more doors for their career. Our main focus is to help our LSKD Athlete Team to develop their personal brand and grow within and beyond their sport.

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