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Active Escapes x LSKD:  1% Better Every Day

Active Escapes x LSKD: 1% Better Every Day

We’ve been partnering with the legends at Active Escapes for many years now, travelling with their community to captivating global destinations. From the breathtaking locations such as Bali, Greece, South Africa, Maldives, and New Zealand, to the coastal wonders of Australia, each Active Escapes trip blends invigorating workouts, adventure, and holistic development. Our mission to inspire you to be ‘1% Better Every Day’ effortlessly weaves into each Active Escapes retreat, with our partnership grounded by a mutual commitment to fostering fitness, empowerment, and personal growth. LSKD athletes like James Newbury, Abbey Hall, Brad Leggett, Alice Evans, Tahyna Haddad, and Nathan Ryles actively contribute as trainers on Active Escapes. Their diverse training methods and specialised fitness approaches enrich the retreat experiences, offering participants a comprehensive range of fitness disciplines aligned with the '1% Better Every Day' ethos.

Embracing Fitness in Queenstown

In December 2023, Active Escapes took their community to Queenstown, New Zealand. Led by LSKD athlete Brad Leggett, the retreat wasn't all about sweating it out; it mixed things up with exciting fitness adventures like white-water rafting, hiking, and bungee jumping. These adrenaline-fueled moments encouraged participants to embrace challenges, redefine their fitness limits, and embody the spirit of '1% Better Every Day,' fostering a remarkable journey of personal fitness evolution.

I just finished the recent Queenstown NZ Escape, after having done several Escapes in Australia and Bali over the past few years. Every one struck the right balance of exercise, exploration, activities, rest and social time in absolutely amazing locations. The hardest part is not booking another one the day after you finish! As a single traveller myself, I couldn't recommend these trips more for solo guests. I have made so many friends on these trips with shared interests and experiences that I would never have met through other parts of my life that I am still in contact with. Don't worry at all about turning up by yourself - most others will be doing the same! I started my first Escape nervous as hell I wouldn't be fit enough to keep up; I was blown away with how the retreats adapt to every fitness level - all you need is a basic interest in exercise and a healthy dose of commitment and enthusiasm to get involved. I'll be doing another one soon!

- Ian (Active Escapes attendee)

Join the Fitness Movement

When you join Active Escapes, you're in for a treat! We partner with Active Escapes to provide their community with gifts that motivate you to aim for small wins, inspiring you to 1% better every day. If you're up for life-changing fitness adventures and share the love for always improving, 2024 is your year. They've got retreats all over the place – Bali, Lombok, Noosa, Byron Bay, Cape Town, Greece, the Maldives, and New Zealand. Each spot guarantees a fitness journey that pushes your limits, helps you grow, and sets you on a path to becoming a fitter and stronger you.