International Womens Day Event

International Womens Day Event

All I can say is fucking wow.
Women are powerful. They’re beautiful, they’re inspirational. They’re freaking superheroes. And the women at LSKD? All of that, and more.
So let’s start with the question: who lifts up a woman better than a woman? LSKD’s answer: A whole HEAP of women.. Anddd a few dedicated bros.

Today we celebrated women in the most beautiful light; inspired by International Women’s Day, we held an event highlighting, celebrating, and empowering the women of our world to lead fearlessly, cultivate divine feminine energy, to never hold back, and to be inspired by her truth

The morning launched with event co-host (and one of LSKD’s biggest weapons) Cherie Canning - founder of Luminate Leadership. Cherie highlighted the importance of what women bring to the workplace, enjoying the journey, inspiring inclusivity, and having FUN!

“Be the woman that the world needs today. Be authentically you and embrace diversity. Celebrate the unique gift that is being a woman.” - Cherie Canning, leadership legend.

Up next to the stage: one of the most remarkable women I’ve had the chance to hear speak on their journey, Carly Box. Mom, partner, entrepreneur, fitness legend, and first woman ever to enlist into the Combat Corps for the Australian Army, Carly’s journey started as most of us women would expect. She was catcalled, frowned upon, misrepresented, and oftentimes deliberately put down, all because she was female. Her biggest lessons overcoming adversity are as follows:

  • Back yourself, own who you are. “If someone tells you you’re too much: claim it as your superpower.”
  • Hold your head high and stop saying sorry. “Respect yourself and others will too.”
  • Trust your ability to do your job well and to be the best in your field. “Career can mean anything you want it to be, work your ass off until no one else can do your job like you can.”
  • Prove them wrong. “You’re a badass woman doing badass things and no one is going to take that away from you. Your confidence will end up being your currency.”

There was not a dry eye in the room after moving through her life journey. We then decided to capitalize on our heightened emotions by doing a ‘Wim Hof’ breathing exercise with one of our own, Rachel K. For those who don’t know, Wim Hof Breathing involves powerful inhalation, relaxed exhalation, and prolonged breath holds to deeply connect you to your body and help release stagnant emotions.

After embracing our emotional release, we shot to our panel of women leaders in our LSKD community: Tegan, Raf, Tahna, and Sian. They were asked many personal, inspirational, and just straight up tough questions about their experiences being women in life and in the workplace. Without getting too detailed out of respect to their journeys, here are the key take-aways:
What’s the best advice from a woman leader you’ve received in your life?
  • Find a mentor.
  • Learn about where you land on having emotional awareness and empathy for others.
  • Be authentically you and be proud of who you are. In doing so, the opportunities and people who align with your values will gravitate to you.
When has your feminine energy been used for good in the workplace?
  • Being the ‘Woman Cheerleader’ - an encouraging shoulder to lean on for other women in the workplace. Help others see challenges through a different lens.
  • Facilitating growth for your women co-workers through empowerment and encouraging the correct paths for them to succeed in.
How have you broken through the bias?
  • Not seeing failures as step backs but as steps to the side as you continue moving forward.
  • Making the hard choices and decisions to surround yourself with the right tribe.
  • Being a female bodybuilder (literally so badass).
What advice would you give to your younger self?
  • Get curious before you get furious,” discover having empathy for others.
  • If it doesn’t feel right, change it. Choose the path you want to go down. If it’s not the right one, change lanes and go hard.
  • Let go of self doubt and back yourself, no matter what!
As you can see, we have the most badass group of inspiring women at LSKD. I pinch myself everyday that I’m here and get to experience this level of sincerity and change in the workplace. At the very end of our morning sesh, we brainstormed ways LSKD can change the world, one woman at a time, and may I just say…. BIG things are coming. Watch. This. Space.
Yours with sunshine, besties xx