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After Dark: Global Running Day 2024

After Dark: Global Running Day 2024

Written by: Bree Masters

Did you know that the first Wednesday of June is like our global holiday?

Yep, it's Global Running Day - a day when the world comes together to celebrate the joy of tapping the pavement, the trails, or wherever your running shoes take you.

And here at LSKD, we were all in, bringing the party to Perth, Gold Coast, Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne! We teamed up with some awesome partners like Brooks Running, Red Bull, and Workout Meals to bring to life ‘AFTER DARK’ to make it a day to remember.


Picture this: as the sun started to set, we hit the streets for a 5km run with glow sticks, giveaways, and a whole lot of good vibes. It was like a neon-lit parade of runners, all coming together for the love of the run. And let me tell you… the energy was electric!Our crew of LSKD athletes led the charge, showing everyone that running isn't just about the finish line - it's about the journey and the community you build along the way. They pumped up the crowd, cheered on the rookies, and reminded us of all that progress comes one step at a time.

But here's the thing about Global Running Day: it's not just about one epic run - it's about embracing the mindset of becoming 1% better every day. Whether you're smashing personal bests or just getting started, every stride counts. So, let's keep pushing, keep improving, and keep showing up for ourselves and each other.

Today is a reminder that when we come together as a global running community, anything is possible. So, here's to the roads we've conquered, the miles we've logged, and the countless adventures still to come.

Let's keep running the world, one step at a time!