Isiah Hilt Podcast

Got to sit down with Isiah Hilt at Venice beach. After shooting some content for the latest LSKD collection. We got to chat about Isiah's; personal life, career, networking, skateboarding, and advice. Hanging out with this legend for a day was super inspiring, from the way he helps everyone at the famous Venice skatepark, teaching kids to skate and also keeping it a safe place where everyone can enjoy some fun on concrete slopes. This local legend surrounds himself with good people and good vibes, which gives him the opportunity to be friends with A-list celebrities and basically know everyone he walks by. Isiah talks about how he has been street performing since he was 12 and has built a career from it. Take a listen to this episode and let us know what you took from it.

Got Isiah to be apart of the campaign for our last collection of the year and what a way to end the year with this legend.