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No need to sacrifice style for performance, our collection of men's long sleeve shirts and performance bottoms combine comfort, style, and functionality. Our long sleeve shirts are designed to elevate your wardrobe with their timeless appeal and reliable quality.

Best Black Long Sleeve

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our signature FLXCotton fabric featuring 5% spandex woven with high quality cotton yarns for a street look with added stretch so you can move like you in every environment. The black long sleeve shirt, in particular, exudes sophistication and versatility, making it a perfect choice for various occasions. For those seeking a full sleeve t-shirt that combines style and functionality, our mens long sleeve tees are the ideal choice. Complete your outfit with our performance shorts and joggers, designed to complement our long sleeve shirts effortlessly.

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Browse our collection today and discover the perfect combination of style and functionality in our long sleeve shirts, long sleeve t-shirts and mens long sleeve tees at LSKD! Shop products for over 99$ and get your new outfit shipped for free. You don’t wanna pay before you get it shipped, no problem, just use our After Pay Method!

What is the best long sleeve shirt material?

The best long sleeve shirt material ultimately depends on personal preferences and the intended use of the shirt. Cotton is a widely favored material for long sleeve shirts due to its breathability, softness, and comfort. Linen is another natural fiber that is highly breathable and lightweight. Polyester is a synthetic fabric known for its durability and wrinkle resistance. Ultimately, the best long sleeve shirt material depends on factors such as personal comfort, climate, and the desired style or function of the shirt.

How do I know my long sleeve shirt size?

Finding the right size for a long sleeve shirt can be done by taking a few measurements and referring to the sizing charts provided by clothing brands. Use a flexible tape measure to measure the circumference of your neck, chest, sleeve length, shoulder width and waist. Once you have these measurements, compare them to the sizing charts provided by the brand you are interested in purchasing from. 

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