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Meet Andrew Pap. A fitness trainer based in Perth, Western Australia whose path isn't solely focused on physical transformation, but also about fostering a sense of community and connection.

“I truly do believe that we are designed to be a part of a collective”.

Drawing inspiration from the age-old adage rooted in his miliary background, "the rising tide lifts all boats”, Andrew encapsulates the idea that personal growth isn't a solitary endeavour, but a catalyst for collective advancement.

"Knowing that the more I can work on myself and upskill myself, the greater capacity I have, and the more I can contribute to the team objective."

For Andrew, the concept of community goes far beyond mere camaraderie; it's about cultivating a space for like-minded individuals to witness something greater than oneself. From the humble beginnings with his first company Battlefit Australia, Andrew reflects on the lasting bonds that formed and emphasises the enduring strength of community that led him to finding his why.

“I was sleeping on my sister's couch and had no money at the time. It wasn’t until my mates leant me $5000 each, and still to this day, it has such a strong community of people who have gotten married and still catch up together. It's something that I think was the very essence of why I'm here on this Earth; to give back, and to give more. I knew from the very start that focusing only on oneself and trying to build up oneself isn't the answer to finding purpose.”

Renae, Andrew's wife, offers a heartfelt glimpse into the character of her husband, describing him as remarkably driven, generously kind-hearted, and genuinely motivated to assist others.

“He is just so motivated and driven to help people that he's constantly thinking of what he can do next and what he can do to help people. He’s the type of person that would give you the shirt off his back and is just the most generous loving person to everyone he meets.”

In a world dominated by technology, Andrew advocates for authentic connections, and encourages putting down devices and seeking more face-to-face interactions, even if it means embracing discomfort.

“If anyone's looking for connection, put the device down and seek to be uncomfortable, and try to make connection with the person across the room.”

Reflecting on the Adventure 365 retreats he runs in New Zealand, Andrew says its not just about the adventures; it's about the quieter moments at the dinner table, where individuals share their lowest and highest points of the day.

“We go and explore the mountains, we go via ferrata jet boating, canyoning, and all this great stuff, but it's in the quieter moments, particularly when we're sitting down at the dinner table together.”

“We talk about our pits and peaks and what were the lowest points and highest points of everyone's day on every day of the retreat. To hear everyone stop and be introspective and reflective of their day, be vulnerable with each other, and ultimately the impact that this retreat is having on these people, brings a big smile to my face. It makes me realise that this is what this is, why I'm here, and what I'm built to do.”

Andrew's overarching philosophy revolves around the idea that the real measure of success is the positive impact you can have on others. Challenging the focus on self-centered achievements, Andrew urges individuals to ask, "what impact can I have on the people around me?". His mission is to leave a legacy and make someone else's life more meaningful.

“Hopefully people see from the get-go that I'm there to be some positive force, and we're looking to achieve something greater than just ourselves showcasing that we can bring all of us together and lean on each other's uniqueness, which is going to showcase all these beautiful attributes that each of us carry. We all have value to give no matter what the world is telling us is of high value, and everyone has something that's positive that can contribute to the greater meaning.”

“We move as a team, not as individuals.”

LSKD VALUE 2/6: CREATE A COMMUNITY. Our community is why we are here and who we work for.

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